Rules of Conduct

WMS PTO Rules of Conduct

The Ware Middle School PTO officers are responsible for the safety and well–being of all children at our events. These events are provided for both the students' enjoyment and to raise funds. WMS PTO members are volunteers as well as all of the parents who make these events possible. The WMS PTO officers, with the support of WMS administration, have developed the following rules of conduct for all events sponsored by the WMS PTO.

Please take time to review the list below:

  • Students are not to be dropped off before an
    event begins.
  • All students must have a parent come inside the building to pick them up.
  • Students who have been suspended or who have 3 or more detentions during the month before an event will not be permitted to attend that event.
  • There is a "No Tolerance" policy when it comes to physical fighting. Students involved will be asked to call their parents and then will be dismissed from the event. This policy also applies to any student who verbally abuses or is disrepectful to any chaperone during the event.
  • Roughhousing is not permitted.
  • Photos are not permitted. This is school policy.
  • We ask students use cell phones only in the event of an emergency. We are required by law to provide land lines and no student will be denied the use of a telephone when neccessary.
  • Appropriate attire is required. No tank tops will be permitted without a cover–up. This applies to both male and female students. We will offer the student a cover–up at the event or they may call a parent for a change of clothing. Any dress or skirt deemed "mini" must have leggings worn underneath. Any student wearing clothing considered offensive will be asked to change.
  • No outside food is permitted other than what is available at the bake sale.

The Ware Middle School PTO is an extension of Ware Middle School and any event sponsored by the WMS PTO is only for students and staff of Ware Middle School.